Common Desktop Environment: Programmer's Overview

Desktop Korn Shell (dtksh)

Desktop Korn shell (which is dtksh) provides a way to engage in graphic user interaction through shell scripts. The user interface capabilities are based on the Common Desktop Environment Motif widget set, the Xt Intrinsics, and the X11 library.

dtksh is a version of ksh-93 extended to access many X, Xt, Motif, and Common Desktop Environment facilities. ksh-93 is a version of Korn shell, the command shell and programming language ksh. dtksh extends ksh to provide support for:

Demo Programs

You can find the dtksh demos in /usr/dt/examples/dtksh. Read the README file for detailed information on the demos.

Related Documentation

For more information on dtksh, see the relevant man pages and Common Desktop Environment: Desktop KornShell User's Guide.