Using Power Management

Disabling the Screen Lock

After a Resume, the system's screen lock is invoked by default. To disable the screen lock before you use the power key to Suspend, use the following procedure.

Note -

You cannot disable screen locking that is put into effect by AutoShutdown. This is a security feature. It ensures that only someone who knows your password can get access to your work session when the system resumes.

To Disable the Screen Lock After Using the Power Key to Suspend
  1. Modify the file to add the -x flag to the sys-suspend entry.

    For more information, see the man page for

    Caution - Caution -

    Save your work if you have not already done so.

  2. Exit the current windowing session and restart.

    In place of this step, you may also kill the speckeysd daemon and then restart the daemon.