Solaris Naming Setup and Configuration Guide

Non-Internet File

If your network is not connected to the Internet, you create your own file. To do this, you designate one of your servers to be the root server, then create a file on every DNS server pointing to that root server.

For example, suppose your domain is named private and you designate the machine ourroot as your non-Internet root server. The ourroot machine has an IP address of Your files would then contain the line:

ourroot.private.  999999  IN  A

Cache files also need an SOA record, NS records for each domain and subdomain, and A records for each server.

For example, suppose that in addition to ourroot you also had DNS name servers called ourprimary and oursecondary. The files on all of your DNS servers would then look like this:

Example 13-5 Sample File (Non-Internet)

@    IN    SOA  ourroot.private.   hermit.ourroot.private  (    
                 1997071401       ;  serial number (YYYYMMDD##)
                 10800            ;  refresh after 3 hours
                 3600             ;  retry after 1 hour
                 604800           ;  expire after 1 week
                 86400 )          ;  minimum TTL of 1 day
ourroot.private.      999999     IN    A
private.                         IN    NS   ourprimary.private.             IN    NS   ourprimary.private.
ourprivate.private.              IN    A
private.                         IN    NS   oursecondary.private.             IN    NS   ourseconary.private.
oursecondary.private.            IN    A 

See "Setting Up a Non-Internet Root Master" for a more complete discussion of setting up a domain that is not connected to the Internet.