Solaris Naming Setup and Configuration Guide

Setting Up the hosts.rev File

The hosts.rev file sets up inverse mapping.

Note -

The name hosts.rev is a generic name indicating the file's purpose and content. If you have more than one zone, each zone must have its own hosts.rev file and each of these zone hosts.rev files must have a unique name. For example, if your DNS domain is divided into and zones, you could name one hosts.rev file doc.rev and the other sales.rev.

Example 13-7 Sample hosts.rev File

; SOA rec  IN SOA (
                 1997071401       ;  serial number (YYYYMMDD##)
                      10800       ;  refresh every 3 hours
                      10800       ;  retry every 3 hours
                      604800      ;  expire after a week
                      86400 )     ;  TTL of 1 day
; Name Servers   IN  NS
1                        IN  PTR

A hosts.rev file contains these elements:

(See Solaris Naming Administration Guide for detailed descriptions of these resource record types.)