Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Creating New Security Mechanism Credentials

Credential information for the new mechanism must be created for each NIS+ user and host principal. In order to do this, on one of the machines running NIS+, the nisauthconf(1M) command must be run to allow the creation of new credentials while the system continues to authenticate with the current mechanism. Also see "Creating Credential Information for NIS+ Principals" for details on credential creation basics.

New Security Mechanism Credentials -Example

Converting des to dh640-0; the nisauthconf should be run as root and the nisaddcred should be run as any principal that has Create rights in the principal's home directory. The server is named server1 and the user principal is named morena. User morena has UID 11177.

client# nisauthconf des dh640-0
client% nisaddcred -P -p dh640-0
      (screen notices not shown) 
client% nisaddcred -P -p -ldummy-password dh640-0
      (screen notices not shown)