Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Backward Compatibility Input Format

For additional compatibility with automount maps, the following input file format is also accepted by fncreate_fs:

name	 [mount_options] [mount_location ...] \ 
 /offset1	[mount_options1] mount_location1 ... \
 /offset2	[mount_options2] mount_location2 ... \

Where each offset field is a slash-separated hierarchy. The backslash (\) indicates the continuation of a single long line. This is interpreted as being equivalent to:

name [mount_options] [mount_location ...] \
name/offset1	[ mount_options1] mount_location1 ... \
name/offset2	[mount_options2] mount_location2 ......

The first line is omitted if both mount_options and mount_location are omitted. This format is for compatibility only. It provides no additional functionality, and its use is discouraged.