Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Federating Under DNS

This section describes the steps required to add TXT (text) records for a subordinate enterprise naming system implemented with NIS+ or NIS. To federate a subordinate naming system in DNS, you need to add reference information into DNS describing how to reach the subordinate naming system's root reference.

  1. Obtain the root reference.

    See "Obtaining the Root Reference".

  2. Add a root reference TXT record to the DNS loopback file.

    By default, this manual uses the name /etc/named.local for this file (other common names for this file are domain.127.0.0 or db.127.0.0).

    The root reference TXT record has the following format:

    For NIS+

    TXT "XFNNISPLUS rootdomain server [server_IP_address]"

    For example:


    For NIS

    TXT "XFNNIS rootdomain server [server_IP_address]"

    For example:


    The TXT record must be associated with a DNS domain that includes an NS (name server) record entry. The following is an example of a DNS domain with reference information for NIS+ bound in it.

    @ IN SOA foo
     100 ;; Serial
     3600 ;; Refresh
     3600 ;; Retry
     3600 ;; Expire
     3600 ;; Minimum
     NS nshost
     TXT "XFNNISPLUS nismaster"
    nshost IN A

    For more information about DNS files, see "DNS Configuration and Data Files".

  3. After adding the TXT record into the DNS table, either restart the DNS server or send it a signal to reread the table.

    # kill -HUP pid

    Where pid is the process ID number of in.named.

    For further information on how DNS TXT records are used for XFN references, see "DNS Text Record Format for XFN References".