Solaris Naming Administration Guide

ypbind Crashes

If ypbind crashes almost immediately each time it is started, look for a problem in some other part of the system. Check for the presence of the rpcbind daemon by typing:

% ps -ef | grep rpcbind

If rpcbind is not present or does not stay up or behaves strangely, consult your RPC documentation.

You may be able to communicate with rpcbind on the problematic client from a machine operating normally. From the functioning machine, type:

% rpcinfo client

If rpcbind on the problematic machine is fine, rpcinfo produces the following output:

program	version	netid	address	service	owner
100007	2	udp	ypbind	superuser
100007	1	udp	ypbind	superuser
100007	1	tcp	ypbind	superuser
100007	2	tcp	ypbind	superuser
100007	2	ticotsord	\000\000\020H	ypbind	superuser
100007	2	ticots	\000\000\020K	ypbind	superuser

Your machine will have different addresses. If they are not displayed, ypbind has been unable to register its services. Reboot the machine and run rpcinfo again. If the ypbind processes are there and they change each time you try to restart /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypbind, reboot the system, even if the rpcbind daemon is running.