Solaris Naming Administration Guide

FNS Error Messages

FNS messages are encapsulated in the FN_status_t object as status codes. See the FN_status_t man page for the corresponding status codes

When an error occurs, FNS commands print out the remaining part of the name on which the operation failed. The part of the name that has not been printed has been processed successfully.

For example, a user attempted to create a context for org//service/trading/bb. The name org//service/ was resolved successfully, but trading was not found in the context named by org//service/. Thus, trading/bb is displayed as the part of the name that remains when the operation failed:

Error in creating 'org//service/trading/bb': Name Not Found: 'trading/bb'

In another example, a user attempted to destroy the context org//service/dictionary/english, but could not carry out the operation because the context named was not empty. The pair of single quotes ('') indicates that FNS was able to resolve the complete name given, but could not complete the operation as requested:

Error in destroying 'org//service/dictionary/english': Context Not Empty: ''