Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Adding a Machine

To add a machine to a DNS domain, you set the new machine up as a DNS client and then add records for the new machine to the appropriate hosts and hosts.rev files.

For example, to add the host rigel to the domain:

  1. Create a /etc/resolv.conf file on rigel.

  2. Add dns to the hosts line of rigel's /etc/nsswitch.conf file

    (See "DNS and Internet Access".)

  3. Add an address (A) record for rigel to the primary server's hosts file.

    For example:

    rigel  IN  A
  4. Add any additional optional records for rigel to the primary server's hosts file.

    Optional records could include:

    • Alias (CNAME)

    • Mail exchange (MX)

    • Well known services (WKS)

    • Host information (HINFO)

  5. Add a PTR record for rigel to the hosts.rev file.

  6. Increment the SOA serial number in the primary server's hosts and hosts.rev files.

  7. Reload the server's data.

    Either reboot the server or enter:

    # kill -HUP `cat /etc/`

    These steps are explained in more detail in Solaris Naming Setup and Configuration Guide.