Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Listing Context Contents

The fnlist command displays the names and references bound in the context of name.

fnlist [-lvA] [name]
Table 20-2 fnlist Command Options




A composite name. Displays the names bound in the context of name


Verbose. Displays the binding in more detail 


Also displays the bindings of the names bound in the named context 


Forces fnlist to obtain its information from the authoritative server. Under NIS and NIS+, that is the domain master server. The -A option has no effect when the primary naming service is files.

For example:

To list names in the initial context:

% fnlist

To list in detail all the users in the current organizational unit:

% fnlist -v user

To list the contents of the service context for the user pug:

% fnlist user/pug/service

To list names and bindings from the authoritative server:

% fnlist -l -A