Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Working With Attributes

The fnattr command can be used to add, delete or modify attributes associated with a name. You can make modifications one at a time, or batch several within the same command.

Table 20-8 fnattr Command Options




The composite name 


The identifier of an attribute 


One or more attribute values 


An attribute value to be replaced by a new value 


The attribute value that replaces an old value 


Add an attribute 


Destroy an attribute 


List attributes 


Modify an attribute 


Replace all old attribute values with the new values for the attribute specified. 


The identifier format is FN_ID_ISO_OID_STRING, an ASN.1 dot-separated integer list string. 


The identifier format is FN_ID_DCE_UUID, a DCE UUID in string form. 

For example:

To show all of the attributes associated with the user name rosa:

# fnattr user/rosa

To display the size attribute associated with the user uri:

# fnattr user/uri/ size

For a user named devlin, to add an attribute named shoesize with a value of small, delete the hatsize attribute, and change the dresssize attribute value from 12 to 8:

# fnattr user/devlin -a shoesize small -d hatsize -m dresssize 12 8