Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Creating a Binding

Example 20-1 shows how to create a binding.

Example 20-1 Creating a Binding

#include <stdio.h>
#include <xfn/xfn.h>
#include <string.h>
 This routine creates a binding with a name provided by "name"
 and having a reference type "reference_type" and address type
 An example of using the function could be:
int fns_create_bindings(
 char *name,
 char *reference_type,
 char *address_type,
 char *data)
	int return_status;
	FN_composite_name_t *binding_name;
	FN_identifier_t ref_id, addr_id;
	FN_status_t *status;
	FN_ref_t *reference;
	FN_ref_addr_t *address;
	FN_ctx_t *initial_context;
	/* Obtain the initial context */
	status = fn_status_create();
	initial_context = fn_ctx_handle_from_initial(0, status);
	/* Check status for any error messages */
	if ((return_status = fn_status_code(status)) != FN_SUCCESS) {
		fprintf(stderr, "Unable to obtain the initial context\n");
		return (return_status);
	/* Get the composite name for the printer name */
	binding_name = fn_composite_name_from_str((unsigned char *) name);
	/* Construct the Address */
	addr_id.format = FN_ID_STRING;
	addr_id.length = strlen(address_type);
	addr_id.contents = (void *) address_type;
	address = fn_ref_addr_create(&addr_id,
		strlen(data), (const void *) data);
	/* Construct the Reference */
	ref_id.format = FN_ID_STRING;
	ref_id.length = strlen(reference_type);
	ref_id.contents = (void *) reference_type;
	reference = fn_ref_create(&ref_id);
	/* Add Address to the Reference */
	fn_ref_append_addr(reference, address);
	/* Create a binding */
	fn_ctx_bind(initial_context, binding_name, reference, 0, status);
	/* Check the error status and return */
	return_status = fn_status_code(status);
	return (return_status);