Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Creating File Contexts

Table 20-6 fncreate_fs Command Options




The name of the file context 


Mount options 


Mount location 

-f file

Input file 


Verbose. Displays information about the contexts being created 


Replace the bindings in the context name with those specified in the input.

For example:

To create a file system context named data for the sales organization bound to the /export/data path of an NFS server named server4.

# fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/data server4:/export/data

To create a hierarchy of file system contexts for the sales organization named buyers and buyers/orders mounted on two different servers:

# fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/buyers server2:/export/buyers
# fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/buyers/orders server3:/export/orders

To create a file system context named leads for the sales organization bound to a server and path specified by an input file named input_a:

# fncreate_fs -f input_a org/sales/fs/leads

(See the fncreate_fs man page for information on input file format.)