Solaris Naming Administration Guide

NIS+ Considerations

When your primary enterprise-level naming service is NIS+, take into account the following points.

NIS+ Domains and Subdomains

The command syntax shown above creates the FNS namespace for the root NIS+ domain. To specify a domain other than the root, add the domain name between the double slashes, as in:

# fncreate -t org org/

Note the trailing dot after the fully qualified domain name.

Space and Performance Considerations

The fncreate commands creates NIS+ tables and directories in the ctx_dir directory. The ctx_dir directory object resides at the same level as the NIS+ groups_dir and org_dir directory objects of the domain.

NIS+ Security Requirements

The user who runs fncreate and other FNS commands is expected to have the necessary NIS+ credentials.

The environment variable NIS_GROUP specifies the group owner for the NIS+ objects created by fncreate. In order to facilitate administration of the NIS+ objects, NIS_GROUP should be set to the name of the NIS+ group responsible for FNS administration for that domain prior to executing fncreate and other FNS commands.

Changes to NIS+ related properties, including default access control rights, could be effected using NIS+ administration tools and interfaces after the context has been created. The NIS+ object name that corresponds to an FNS composite name can be obtained using fnlookup and fnlist, described later in this document.