Solaris Naming Administration Guide

NIS+ Security and FNS

The FNS fncreate command creates FNS tables and directories in the NIS+ hierarchy associated with the domain of the host on which the command is run. In order to run fncreate, you must be an authenticated NIS+ principle with credentials authorizing you to Read, Create, Modify, and Destroy NIS+ objects in that domain. You will be the owner of the FNS tables created by fncreate. One way to obtain this authorization is to be a member of the NIS+ group that has administrator privileges in the domain.

The NIS_GROUP environment variable should be set to name of the NIS+ administration group for the domain prior to running fncreate. You can specify whether or not individual users can make changes to FNS data that relates to them.

See Chapter 6, Security Overview, for a description of NIS+ security.