Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Displaying the Binding

fnlookup displays the binding of the given composite name.

fnlookup [-v][-L] composite_name
Table 24-2 fnlookup Command Options




Displays the binding in more detail 


Displays the reference to which the XFN link is bound 

For example, to show the binding for the user darwin in detail, you would enter:

# fnlookup -v user/darwin/
Reference type: onc_fn_user
Address type: onc_fn_nisplus
 length: 52
 context type: user
 representation: normal
 version: 0
 internal name:

Suppose user/Charles.Darwin is linked to user/darwin. The first command in the following example shows what user/Charles.Darwin is bound to (an XFN link). The second command follows the XFN link, user/darwin, and shows what user/darwin is bound to (the user context).

# fnlookup user/Charles.Darwin
Reference type: fn_link_ref
Address type: fn_link_addr
 Link name: user/darwin
# fnlookup -L user/Charles.Darwin
Reference type: onc_fn_user
Address type: onc_fn_nisplus
 context type: user