Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Adding an Attribute

The -a option is for adding an attribute or adding a value to an attribute. Specify the composite name the attribute is associated with, the attribute identifier, and the values to add.

fnattr -a [-s] name [-O | -U] identifier value1 [value2+]

The following example adds the attribute identifier model and the value hplaser to thisorgunit/service/printer.

# fnattr -a thisorgunit/service/printer model hplaser

The -s option means "add in supersede" mode. If an attribute with the specified identifier already exists, -s removes all of its values and replaces them with the values added. If this option is omitted, the resulting values for the specified attribute includes the existing values and the new values added.

# fnattr -as thisorgunit/service/printer model hplaser

The example above will first remove any existing values associated with model and add hplaser as the value.