Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Migrating From NIS to NIS+

The fncopy command handles the FNS-related aspects of changing your underlying enterprise-level naming service from NIS to NIS+. This command copies and converts NIS-based FNS contexts to NIS+ based contexts.

The command syntax is:

fncopy [-i oldsvc -o newsvc] [-f filename] oldctx newctx
Table 23-3 fncopy Command Options



-i oldsvc

Source naming service. Only nis or files may be specified.

-o newsvc

Target naming service. Only nisplus or nis may be specified.

-f filename

Name of file listing the FNS contexts to be copied 


Old FNS context to be copied 


Target new FNS context 

For example, to copy the contexts listed in the file /etc/sales_users from the domain of a NIS-based naming service to the domain of an NIS+ naming service, you would enter:

fncopy -i nis -o nisplus -f /etc/sales_users org/