Solaris Naming Administration Guide

NIS and FNS Maps and Makefiles

FNS uses six new maps which are stored in /var/yp/domainname directories on the NIS master and slave servers:

Service and file context information for hosts, users, and the organization are stored in the respective fns_host.ctx, fns_user.ctx, and fns_org.ctx maps. Printer context information is stored in the same maps as other service context information. However, the older printers.conf.byname map is still supported.

Sites are subcontexts of the organization and site context information is stored in the fns_org.ctx map.

Note -

These FNS maps should not be edited directly. You modify or work with these maps by running the appropriate FNS commands such as fncreate, fndestroy, fnbind, fnunbind, fnrename, fnattr, fnlookup, and fnlist. These commands must be run on the NIS master server. You cannot run them on slave servers or client machines.

The FNS map files are placed in the /var/yp/domainname directory. The NIS Makefile in /var/yp is modified to be aware of the FNS Makefile in /etc/fn/domainname.