Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Multiple Mount Locations

Multiple location fields may be specified for NFS file systems that are exported from multiple, functionally equivalent locations:

% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs altair:/sales cygnus:/sales

The automounter will attempt to choose the best server from among the alternatives provided. If several locations in the list share the same path name, they may be combined using a comma-separated list of host names:

% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs altair,cygnus:/sales

The hosts may be weighted, with the weighting factor appended to the host name as an integer in parentheses: the lower the number, the more desirable the server. The default weighting factor is zero (most desirable). Negative numbers are not allowed.

The following example illustrates one way to indicate that cygnus is the preferred server:

% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs altair(2),cygnus(1):/sales