Solaris Naming Administration Guide

Creating File Contexts With Command-line Input

The fncreate_fs command also allows the binding description to be provided on the command line:

fncreate_fs composite_name [mmount_options] [mount_location ...]

This is equivalent to using the input file form of the command but entering the individual bindings from your keyboard. The previous example in which kuanda's file system was set could be set from the command line as follows:

% fncreate_fs user/kuanda/fs altair:/export/home/kuanda

Similarly, the hierarchy illustrated in Figure 22-5 could have been set up by running the sequence of commands:

% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/tools/db altair:/export/db
% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/project altair:/export/proj
% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/project/lib altair:/export/lib
% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs/project/src deneb:/export/src

To make all three of the mounts read-only, you would run this command:

% fncreate_fs org/sales/fs -ro