Solaris Naming Administration Guide

User Passwords

Users run passwd to change their passwords.

% passwd username

(See "Using Passwords" for a complete description of password matters from the users point of view.)

Before users can change their passwords, you must start the rpc.yppasswdd daemon on the master server to update the password file. The commands for starting the daemon are already present in the /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypstart file.

The rpc.yppasswdd daemon is started automatically by ypstart on the master server. Notice that when the -m option is given to rpc.yppasswd, a make is forced in /var/yp immediately following a modification of the file. If you want to avoid having this make take place each time the passwd file is changed, remove the -m option from the rpc.yppasswd command in the ypstart script and control the pushing of the passwd maps through the crontab file.

Note -

No arguments should follow the rpc.yppasswd -m command. Although you can edit the ypstart script file to achieve a different action, it is not recommended that you modify this file other than optionally removing the -m option. All commands and daemons invoked by this file with the proper set of command line parameters. If you choose to edit this file, be especially careful when editing the rpc.yppasswdd command. If you add an explicit call to the passwd.adjunct file, the exact $PWDIR/security/passwd.adjunct path must be used; otherwise, incorrect processing results.