KCMS Application Developer's Guide


typedef unsigned long KcsOperationType;

KcsOperationType specifies the set of operations possible on a profile and the contents of the data on which the profile acts. It is an argument in these functions:

When used in KcsConnectProfiles() and KcsOptimizeProfile(), KcsOperationType limits the range of operations in a profile, thereby potentially speeding performance and reducing profile size. The operation hints and content hints are assigned positions in the load hints that let the application limit what resources are used from the initial loading of the profile.

When used in KcsEvaluate(), KcsOperationType indicates which kind of evaluation operation to perform. In this case, the operation type can specify only one operation; for example, your application cannot evaluate in the forward and simulate directions at the same time.

To help your application set the operation hints and content hints, the "C" API provides the following constants:

 #define KcsOpForward                      (0x00000001)
 #define KcsOpReverse                      (0x00000002)
 #define KcsOpSimulate                     (0x00000004)
 #define KcsOpGamutTest                    (0x00000008)
 #define KcsOpAll                          (0x000003FF)
 #define KcsContUnknown                    (0x00000000)
 #define KcsContGraphics                   (0x00010000)
 #define KcsContImage                      (0x00020000)
 #define KcsContColorimetric               (0x00040000)
 #define KcsContAll                        (0x00FF0000)