KCMS Application Developer's Guide


typedef struct KcsMeasurementBase_s {
 	unsigned long				countSupplied;
 	KcsAttrSpace				inputSpace;
 	KcsAttrSpace				outputSpace;
 	unsigned long				numInComp;
 	unsigned long				numOutComp;
 	unsigned long				pad;
 } KcsMeasurementBase;

KcsMeasurementBase defines a common subset of information in the KcsCharacterizationData and KcsCalibrationData structures. Nothing in KcsMeasurementBase is extendable.

The countSupplied field represents the number of allocated color patches, or samples in the measurement set.

The inputSpace and outputSpace fields represent the input and output color spaces, respectively, for the measurement set.

The numInComp and numOutComp fields represent the number of input components (such as 3 for RGB) and the number of output components, respectively.