KCMS Application Developer's Guide


typedef struct KcsCharacterizationData_s {
 	KcsMeasurementBase		aBase;
 	union {				/* Place holder */
 		 long pad;
 	} oBase;
 	union {
 		KcsMeasurementSample 	patch[KcsExtendableArray];
 	} val;
 } KcsCharacterizationData;

KcsUpdateProfile() uses data in KcsCharacterizationData to recharacterize a profile. Note that monitor device profiles do not require a KcsCharacterizationData structure to be recalibrated by the default KCMS CMM, because the profiles use white-point and colorants. However, scanner device profiles do require one. Another CMM may require that this structure be defined for updating a monitor profile.

The field descriptions for this structure are the same as those for KcsCalibrationData.