KCMS Application Developer's Guide


typedef struct KcsCreationDesc_s {
 	KcsCreationType								type;
 	KcsProfileDesc								KCS_PTR profileDesc;
 	union {
 			struct id_f {
 				KcsIdent					cmmId;
 				KcsIdent					cmmVersionId;
 				KcsIdent					profileId;
 				KcsIdent					profileVersionId;
 			} id;
 			long pad[4];						/* maximum size of union */
 	} desc;
 } KcsCreationDesc;

This structure is used as an argument to the KcsCreateProfile() function. It contains all of the necessary information to describe the CMM and the profile format used when creating the empty profile and the location of that profile.

type indicates which member of the desc union your application must use to create the profile. This union is intended to be extendible for future use.

profileDesc is a pointer to a KcsProfileDesc structure describing the source from which the profile is created. If this entry is NULL, the profile is created internally and a KcsProfileDesc must be supplied to save the profile to an external store.

The members of the id structure are all 4-byte signatures that specify the identification (cmmId) and version (cmmVersionId) of the CMM to be used. The members also specify the identification (profileId) and version (profileVersionId) of profile format to be used.

If the id structure field members are not available or are set to 0, the default profile format and default CMM are used.