KCMS Application Developer's Guide


Table 4-7 KcsEvaluate() Arguments




The identifier of the profile to be applied to the input data. (If the operation specified when the profile was created in KcsConnectProfiles() does not match the operation specified in KcsEvaluate(), the status string KCS_EVAL_ONLY_ONE_OP_ALLOWED is returned. If, for example, your application wants to evaluate forward (specifies KcsOpForward in KcsEvaluate()) with a profile it creates with KcsConnectProfiles() to simulate (uses KcsOpSimulate in KcsConnectProfiles()), this particular status string would be returned.


The kind of data to be operated on, and the kind of profile evaluation to be performed on, the data. (See "Operation Hint Constants" and "Content Hint Constants" more information.) Note that only 1 bit can be set for KcsEvaluate().


The description of the source color data to be transformed by the profile. 


The description of the area (the destination) to which the transformed data is written.