KCMS Application Developer's Guide


Table 4-23 KcsSetAttribute() Arguments




The identifier of the profile.  


The name of the attribute to be created, modified, or deleted. If this attribute is already used in the profile, this function overwrites its value. If this attribute does not already exist, the function creates it. See "List of All Attributes" for the names of all the attributes KCMS allows your application to specify in a call to this function.


A pointer to the value for the attribute. If the attribute already exists, value becomes the attribute's new value. If the attribute does not already exist, this function creates it and sets its original value to value. To delete an existing attribute, set value to NULL.

Note -

For this function to execute correctly, your application must check what needs to be set in the KcsAttributeBase structure (part of the KcsAttributeValue structure). A valid type and number of tokens found in the attribute must be set.