KCMS Application Developer's Guide


Table 4-3 KcsConnectProfiles() Arguments




The identifier of the profile returned if this function executes successfully.  


The number of profiles to be connected. 


An array of the Ids of the profiles to be connected. 


One or more flags symbolizing the kind of information in the resultant profile. It also describes what, how, when, and where to load and unload the resulting resultProfileId. See "KcsLoadHints " for more information.


KcsConnectProfiles() returns an integer in failedProfileIndex. This value has meaning only when KcsConnectProfiles() returns a value other than KCS_SUCCESS. If the function fails, this index helps you identify which input profile caused the failure. If the index = 0, the first profile in profileSequence failed; if index = 1, the second profile in profileSequence failed, and so on. A common problem when making the resultant profile is that the profiles specified in profileSequence could not be connected. In this case, the index returns an integer symbolizing the latter profile in a failed connection pair. For example, if the first profile and second profile in the sequence were mismatched, the index contains 1 (for the second profile).