KCMS Application Developer's Guide

Color Management Modules

A color management module (CMM) is the component that ultimately does the color correction. Different CMMs use different techniques for evaluating color data, which can result in differences in quality, profile size, and speed of color manipulation.

Because CMMs are loaded at run-time and CMM interfaces are extendable, an application that uses the "C" API can take advantage of the improvements in existing technologies and the latest color-correction technology, along with hardware acceleration. To do so, you just change or adding new CMMs, profiles, or both. You can do this without changing the code or rebuilding your application.

The default CMM is Kodak-supplied. You can write your own CMM (third-party CMM) or override portions of the default CMM. To write your own CMM you must purchase the Solaris Device Developer's Kit (DDK) that includes the following KCMS CMM manuals: