KCMS Application Developer's Guide

CMM Specifics

Each color profile is owned by or associated with a specific CMM. Each CMM may have a different way of performing its color-correction technology. For example, a CMM may incorporate a unique way to calibrate its profiles.

In general, your application does not need to know which CMM owns a profile. In the case where the profile owner is not present and the profile is a valid ICC profile, the default CMM can provide the functionality necessary to use that profile.

The KCMS API functions your application calls are device-independent interfaces to the KCMS framework. The manner in which these API functions are preformed may differ depending on the underlying CMM and its particular color correction technology, but your application interface does not change. It always calls the API functions in the standard way. What you might want to be aware of, however, is that occasionally your application may receive CMM-specific error codes.

For more information on CMMs, see the DDK document, KCMS CMM Developer's Guide.