KCMS CMM Reference Manual

Chapter 6 KcsProfileFormat Class

This chapter describes the KCMS framework KcsProfileFormat class. With the KcsProfileFormat class interface you can map a profile from a static store into the traditional objects that make up a profile. The KcsProfileFormat class is derived from the KcsLoadable class. See Chapter 4, KcsLoadable Class for a description of the KcsLoadable class.

As you read this chapter, you will find it helpful to have access to the following header files:

The header file for the class is kcspfmt.h. The constant and #define identifiers for this class are defined in the kcsids.h header file as:

const KcsId KcsLoadPfmtId = {(0x50666D74UL)}; /* 'Pfmt' */
#define KcsLoadPfmtIdd (0x50666D74UL) /* 'Pfmt' */

In addition to the KcsLoadable methods overridden by this class, there are methods for mapping data in static store into profiles comprised of objects. The protected and public members are described, as well as the member function override rules when deriving from this class.

Protected Members

The KcsProfileFormat class has the following protected members.

Table 6-1 KcsProfileFormat Protected Members

Protected Member 


virtual KcsStatus
deleteXform(KcsXformType aXfType);

Deletes the transforms. 

KcsProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *KcsIO,
 	int  Format = 0);

Constructor that takes a KcsIO object to construct the appropriate profile format.

KcsProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat,
 	KcsId aCmmId,KcsVersion aCmmVersion,
 	KcsId aProfId, KcsVersion aProfVersion);

Constructor. Takes a profile version and creates a blank profile format. 

virtual KcsStatus
loadObjectMap(const KcsLoadHints aHints =
 	KcsCallbackFunction aCallback = NULL);

Loads the profile format's objects mapped to chunk Ids. 

virtual KcsStatus saveObjectMap();

Saves profile format's objects mapped to chunk Ids.

Public Members

The KcsProfileFormat class has the following public members.

Table 6-2 KcsProfileFormat Public Members

Public Member 


static KcsProfileFormat *
createProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Creates a profile format object from a KcsIO object. 

static KcsProfileFormat *
createProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat,
 	KcsId aCmmId, KcsVersion aCmmVersion,
 	KcsId aProfId, KcsVersion aProfVersion);

Creates a profile format object from CMM and profile information. 

virtual void

Caches an attribute that has changed. 

virtual void
dirtyXformCache(KcsXformType aXformId);

Caches an Xform that has changed. 

KcsLoadHints generateLoadWhat(
 	const KcsXformType aXfType) const;

Returns the load hint associated with this KcsXformType.

virtual KcsAttributeSet *
generateXformAttributes(KcsStatus *aStat,
 	KcsXformType aXfType);

Generates attributes associated with a KcsXform.

virtual KcsStatus getCmmId(KcsId *);

Returns a CMM Id.

virtual KcsStatus 
getObject(KcsAttributeSet **aAttr,
 	KcsCallbackFunction aFunc = NULL);

Gets the KcsAttributeSet of the format.

virtual KcsStatus 
getObject(KcsXform **aXform, KcsXformType aXformId,
 	KcsCallbackFunction aFunc = NULL);

Returns the KcsXform that represents the aXformID operation.

virtual long getSaveSize();

Returns the number of bytes to be saved. 

static KcsId
getTheCMMId(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the CMM identifier for the KcsIO object.

static KcsVersion
getTheCMMVersion(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the CMM version for the KcsIO object.

static KcsId
getTheProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the profile format using the KcsIO object.

static KcsVersion
getTheProfileVersion(KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);

Gets the profile version using the KcsIO object.

virtual long getSaveSize();

Returns the number of bytes needed to save the profile. 

virtual KcsStatus
initEmptyFormat(KcsIdent aCMMId =

Initializes profile's static store to an initial state. 

virtual KcsStatus isSupported(KcsLoadHint aHints);

Returns whether the object(s) associated with aHints is supported by this profile instance.

KcsProfileFormat(KcsStatus *aStat);


virtual ~KcsProfileFormat(void);


virtual KcsStatus
postAttrCompose(KcsTags *aOwningAttrSet,
 	const long aCount, KcsTags **aOrigSequence);

Builds ICC profile sequence description tag.  

virtual KcsStatus

Saves all objects associated with this profile format. 

virtual KcsStatus
saveNew(KcsChunkSet *);

Saves using a different chunk set. 

virtual KcsStatus setCmmId(KcsId);

Sets the CMM Id. 

virtual KcsStatus 
setObject(KcsAttribute *aAttr);

Sets KcsAttribute to the set of attributes to save in this profile's format.

virtual KcsStatus 
setObject(KcsXformType aXformId, KcsXform *aXform);

Sets the KcsXformType to the KcsXform class aXform.

virtual KcsStatus
unloadWhenMatch(KcsLoadHints aMatchHints =

Unloads the profile objects associated with aMatchHints, if they match the last hints supplied to unload(). Unloads the correct data automatically. Helps recover memory (call it with KcsUnloadWhenNecessary()).

Member Function Override Rules

The following table tells you which KcsProfileFormat member functions you must override and can override when deriving from this class. The member functions indicated with an "X" in the Must column are required to successfully derive from this base class. Others can be used but not overridden.

Table 6-3 KcsProfileFormat Member Function Override Rules

Member Function 

Override Rules 













































External Loadable Interface

All KcsProfileFormat derivatives support runtime derivability. The base class supports the static createX(UID)() method like many of the other classes in the KCMS framework. It also supports createProfileFormat(KcsVersion)() for creation of new profile formats.

static KcsProfileFormat *createProfileFormat(
 		KcsStatus *aStat, KcsIO *aIO);
 // Create a profile format given a chunkSet that has
 // already been created.
 static KcsProfileFormat *createProfileFormat(
 		KcsStatus *aStat, KcsId aCmmId, KcsVersion aCmmVersion,
 		KcsId aProfId, KcsVersion aProfVersion);
 // Create a new profile format of a given version.

See the KCMS CMM Developer's Guide for more information on creating a KcsProfileFormat runtime derivative.