Solaris Java Plug-in User's Guide


Although Sun Microsystems continues to release new versions of Java through its Java Development Kit (JDKTM), the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) included with Netscape Navigator remains at version 1.1.5. Java Plug-in for Solaris bridges this gap by utilizing Navigator's plug-in architecture to distribute the latest JRE to Navigator users. Java Plug-in 1.2 provides support for JRE 1.2.1_03 with Netscape Navigator 4.05 or compatible. For more information on system requirements, see "Requirements".

To invoke Java Plug-in, you include the HTML <EMBED> tag in your Web pages. When Navigator encounters the <EMBED> tag, it loads Java Plug-in and runs Java applets, JavaBeans, and other components using all the features of the "external" JRE included with Java Plug-in.

For more information on updating your Web pages to work with Java Plug-in, refer to the HTML Specification. In addition, you can download the Java Plug-in 1.2 HTML Converter free of charge, which automatically makes the necessary changes.