Solaris Java Plug-in User's Guide

Files Created During Installation

During the Java Plug-in 1.2 installation process, the directories and files listed in the following table are created in the installation directory.

Table 2-1 Java Plug-in 1.2 Files
 File Description
/j2pi/COPYRIGHTText file that contains JRE copyright information
/j2pi/ControlPanelScript that starts the Java Plug-in Control Panel
/j2pi/ControlPanel.htmlHTML file that enables you to work with the Control Panel from Netscape Navigator
/j2pi/LICENSE_JPI_en.txtJava Plug-in license agreement (English language version) in text format
/j2pi/LICENSE_JRE_en.psJRE license agreement (English language version) in PostScriptTM format
/j2pi/jre_config.txtText file that contains information about the JRE
/j2pi/bin Directory that contains the Java Plug-in executable and JRE executables
/j2pi/bin/javaDefault JRE (1.2.1_03)
/j2pi/lib Directory that contains property files, the Swing Java Archive (JAR) file, and the Java Plug-in JAR file
/plugins/javaplugin.soDescription of Java Plug-in for Solaris that displays when you choose About Plug-ins from the Help menu