OpenWindows User's Guide

Snapshot Controls

Snap Types

Snapshot provides you with three options for creating snapshots:

Note -

Snapshot does not capture the screen pointer.

Snap Delay

Snapshot has a timer that you can use to set the number of seconds between the time you initiate the snapshot and the time it is taken. This delay setting is especially useful if you are taking snapshots of a menu that you must display after you start taking a snap. Once a number of seconds is selected, the Beep During Countdown option becomes available. Selecting this option turns on a beep countdown timer that sounds until the snap is taken.

Hiding the Snapshot Window During Capture

Sometimes you may want to take a snapshot of a large portion of the screen or of the entire workspace without showing the Snapshot window. In such cases, click SELECT on the Hide Window During Capture setting to remove the Snapshot window from the screen while the snapshot is in progress.

When the Hide Window During Capture setting is on, Snapshot automatically adjusts the Snap Delay setting to eight seconds. This is to guarantee that there will be enough time to remove the Snapshot window before the snapshot is taken. Remember to reset the Snap Delay setting after you turn off the Hide Snapshot During Capture setting.