OpenWindows User's Guide

Saving a Snapshot

Use one of these methods to save a snapshot:

    Click SELECT on Save.

You see the Save window, and the Save window shows the default file named For complete information on saving a file, refer to Chapter 1, Introduction to the Solaris User Environment. You can override the defaults by starting Snapshot in a Command Tool or Shell Tool and using command line options described in the snapshot manual page.


    Drag and drop a snapshot into a File Manager folder, and assign it a meaningful name.

If the drag and drop target in the Snapshot window is filled with gray, a snapshot ready to be dragged. The snapshot is saved in the File Manager as a file called raster.

For both methods, snapshots are always saved as raster files. It is a good idea to use .rs or some other common suffix for raster file names to make it easier to remember the file type and to manage them as a group.

Note -

If you save your snapshot from Snapshot, your image is saved in raster format (in black-and-white or color format, depending how you ran Snapshot). If you save your snapshot in Image Tool, you can use any of the six formats available. For complete information on Image Tool, refer to Chapter 13, Image Tool.