OpenWindows User's Guide


Some users with limited motor abilities have a hard time taking their finger (or mouth stick) off keys quickly. As a result, for example, they sometimes type kkkkkkkkk when they mean to type k,. With RepeatKeys on, a key must be held down for a certain length of time before it starts to repeat.

Turning RepeatKeys On and Off

There are two ways to turn RepeatKeys on and off:

Note -

Holding down the Shift key for eight seconds also turns on SlowKeys.

RepeatKeys Settings

Delaying the Onset of Repetition

You can set the amount of time you want a key to be pressed before it begins repeating. This interval can be anywhere from a tenth of a second up to ten seconds. To set this parameter, move the "Delay until repeat" slider (see Figure B-4) to the number of seconds you want keys to wait before repeating.

Setting the Rate of Repeating

You can also set the repeat rate. The repeat rate represents how many times a pressed key will repeat per second. The rate ranges from 0.1 (that is, ten seconds per key) to 10 (that is, ten keys per second). The higher you set this value, the faster the key repeats. Set this to a low value to keep a pressed key from repeating, or from repeating too quickly.

Move the "Repeat rate" slider to the value you want. (See Figure B-4.)