OpenWindows User's Guide

Missing Calendar Data or NO NAME in Header

If your appointments are not displayed, make sure you have run the installation script, as necessary. See "RPC Problems and Calendar Manager Installation" for information. Before trying the following procedure, try restarting Calendar Manager first.

If your appointments are still not displayed, and you see the string NO NAME in your Calendar Manager header, the permissions are probably wrong for the /usr/spool/calendar directory and files. Make sure they are exactly as described in the following steps.

  1. Type ls -lsa /usr/spool, and check the permissions for the directory: /usr/spool/calendar.

    The permissions need to be exactly: drwxrwsrwt. This should be owned by daemon in the daemon group. (Get help from your system administrator to change the permissions, if necessary.)

  2. To check the permissions of your calendar database, type:

    ls -lsa /usr/spool/calendar/callog.<username>.

    Substitute your user name in place of <username>. For example, type ls -lsa /usr/spool/calendar/callog.egret. The permissions need to be exactly: -r--rw----. Also, this file needs to be owned by the user and in the daemon group.