OpenWindows User's Guide

Sharing Calendars Across Workstations

If you move around from workstation to workstation, and you want to always be able to access your real Calendar, you need to have Calendar Manager running on each workstation. Use the following steps to set up access to your calendar from multiple workstations:

  1. On your primary workstation, give full access list permissions to your calendars at the remote workstations.

    For example, suppose user Egret has his real calendar on the workstation named "work", and also accounts and calendars on remote workstations named "sea" and "ocean". He would add egret@sea and egret@ocean to his calendar access list, and give these users full Browse, Insert, and Delete permissions. See the section Chapter 5, Calendar Manager, for instructions.

  2. When you are logged in at the remote workstations, browse your real calendar.

    Since you have full access permissions, you can read all your appointments, change your appointments, and so forth.

    In the previous example, when Egret is logged in to "sea" or "ocean" he can browse the calendar egret@work to access his real calendar.

    Note -

    Do not mount the /usr/spool/calendar directory from a remote disk. Doing so may result in loss of Calendar data.