OpenWindows User's Guide

Creating a Link

To link files to folders, follow these steps:

  1. Select the file (or files) you want to link.

  2. Choose Link from the Edit menu or popup file pane menu.

    An instructional message is displayed in the footer, as shown in Figure 2-29, telling you how to proceed.

    Figure 2-29 Instruction Message after a Link is Initiated


  3. Open the folder you want to link the file to.

  4. Choose Paste from the Edit menu or the File Pane pop-up menu, or press the Paste key on the keyboard.

    The file icon is displayed in the file pane and a message confirming the link is displayed in the File Manager footer.

    Link information is displayed as part of the properties of the file, as shown in the example in Figure 2-30. See "File and Folder Information" for more information about file properties.

    Figure 2-30 Links Displayed as Part of the File Type Properties.