OpenWindows User's Guide

Longest Name

The Longest Name field allows you to choose how many characters (based on the average width of the characters) of each file name are displayed in the file pane of File Manager. You can type any number from 0 to 255.

Note -

The number of characters actually displayed for each file name may vary when using variable-width fonts because the width is calculated based on the width of the average character in the font.

Names that do not fit within the specified length are followed by a "greater than" sign (>) to show that the complete name is not displayed. Figure 2-36 shows an example of the file pane with shorter file names set.

Figure 2-36 File Pane with Shorter File Names Specified


If you want to see the complete file name, you can click SELECT on the name. In this example, the file .ab_cardca> is selected, and the full name is displayed in an editable text field, as shown in the example in Figure 2-37.

Figure 2-37 Displaying a complete file name when short names are specified