OpenWindows User's Guide

Saving and Renaming an Existing Document

The following procedure saves a file under a name:

  1. Choose Save As from the File menu.

    Depending on the application you are working in, you see a Save As window similar to the one in Figure 1-27.

  2. Choose the folder location for saving the document.

    The name of the folder must be displayed under Current Folder. To display the folder you can:

  3. Select the name of the folder from the scrolling list.

    Click SELECT on the name of the folder, or, double-click on the name of the folder. If it is not displayed, double-click on "Go up one folder." You may need to repeat this a few times.


    1. Type the name of the folder in the Go To text field or click SELECT on the Go To button and press Return.

    2. Select the folder from the Go To menu: press MENU on Go To, then choose the desired folder from the menu.

  4. Type a new name for the document in the text field and SELECT Save As.

    When the scrolling list shows the contents of the folder, type a document name and click SELECT on Save.

    Note -

    When you rename a document without making changes to it, you will have two versions of the document, one with the old name and one with the new name. If you work with a file on a daily basis, note the name of the one you are working with so as not to overwrite the wrong one when you save your work.