OpenWindows User's Guide

Starting DeskSet Applications

You typically access DeskSet applications from the Programs submenu of the Workspace menu. You access the Workspace menu by pressing MENU with the pointer anywhere on the background of your DeskSet environment and off of all applications. When the DeskSet applications are installed on your system, they are automatically provided as items in the Programs submenu.

You can also start any of the DeskSet applications from a system prompt in a Command Tool or Shell Tool window by typing the file name. If you want to continue doing work in the Command or Shell Tool while the DeskSet application is running, follow the application name with a space and the ampersand symbol (&). Table 1-1 shows what you should type to start each DeskSet application.

Table 1-6 What to Type to Start DeskSet Applications

Application Name 

What you should Type 


answerbook &

Audio Tool  

audiotool &


binder &


calctool &

Calendar Manager 

cm &


clock &

Command Tool 

cmdtool &


cmdtool -C &

File Manager 

filemgr &

Icon Editor 

iconedit &

Image Tool 

imagetool &

Mail Tool 

mailtool &

Performance Meter 

perfmeter &

Print Tool 

printtool &

Shell Tool 

shelltool &


snapshot &

Tape Tool 

tapetool &

Text Editor 

textedit &