OpenWindows User's Guide

Paging through a Handbook

The buttons at the top of the Help Viewer enable you to move backward or forward, page by page. Clicking SELECT on the Next Page and Previous Page buttons is equivalent to pressing the PgUp and PgDn buttons on your keyboard. Figure 1-40 shows the help handbook paging buttons.

Figure 1-40 Buttons for Paging Through the Handbooks


The Go Back button gives you the option to go back to the last page viewed. Click SELECT on the Go Back button to return to wherever you were last. If you have viewed pages in various parts of a handbook or in different handbooks, you can retrace your steps by choosing Go Back as many times as necessary.

The paging features are also available from the Viewer menu, shown in Figure 1-41.

Figure 1-41 The Viewer Menu


To use the Viewer menu:

  1. Position the pointer in the Help Viewer window and press MENU.

    The Viewer Menu appears.

  2. Move the pointer to the pushpin and pin up the Viewer menu if you want to keep the menu up for repeated use.

    When you release the mouse button, the menu remains.

  3. Click SELECT on a menu item to page down, page up, redisplay (refresh) the window, or go back to your last location.

    Alternatively, if you have not pinned the menu, just choose a menu item using the MENU mouse button.

Note -

As with any DeskSet application or pinned menu, you can move the Viewer menu by positioning the pointer on the menu outline, pressing SELECT and dragging the pointer to a new location.