OpenWindows User's Guide

Desktop Introduction

You can access the introductory handbook, "Introducing Your Desktop" from the Workspace menu, as follows:

  1. Move the pointer onto the Workspace and press MENU.

    The Workspace menu appears, as shown in Figure 1-36.

    Figure 1-36 Workspace Menu


  2. Drag the pointer to choose Help.

    When you release the mouse button, the Help Viewer appears displaying a list of handbooks.

  3. Double click SELECT on "Introducing Your Desktop".

    Figure 1-37 shows the Help Viewer selection.

    Figure 1-37 Selecting Introducing Your Desktop


    The on-line tutorial, "Introducing Your Desktop," opens in the Help Viewer, as shown in Figure 1-38.

    Figure 1-38 First Page of the Desktop Intro Handbook