OpenWindows User's Guide

Moving Multiple Windows

You can group windows together so that they move as a unit. For instance, you may want to arrange several windows on the Workspace in relationship to one another, and then move the whole arrangement to a new location.

One way to group several windows is to click SELECT on one of the windows and ADJUST on each additional window. Alternatively, you can drag the pointer across the Workspace to form a box around the windows you want to group. You can do this as follows:

  1. Place the pointer in the Workspace at one corner of the set of windows you want to group.

  2. Press SELECT and drag the pointer diagonally to the opposite corner of the group.

    This forms a rectangle around any windows and icons that are fully enclosed within the border box.

  3. Release the mouse button.

    The items are selected as a unit.

  4. Place the pointer on the edge of one of the grouped windows as described in the last section, "Positioning Windows and Pinned Menus", press SELECT, and drag the pointer to a new location.

    The group of windows moves to the new location.

  5. To un-group the applications, press SELECT anywhere on the Workspace.