OpenWindows User's Guide

Saving to an Absolute Path Relative to the Root Directory

To save a mail message to an absolute location starting from the top level directory in your file system, you use a slash (/) to indicate the root directory, and follow that with an absolute path.

To save a mail message in a location under your root directory, follow the instructions in the section "Creating a New Mail File", but use the following form on the Mail File text field:


where / is the root directory, and Subdirectory is an existing directory under root.

For example, you could type:


The /tmp directory is a directory that contains some system files.

Caution - Caution -

You should only use the /tmp directory for temporary file storage. When you reboot your system, these files will be purged.

When you choose Move or Copy, the chosen mail file in your mailbox is stored in a file named myfile in the subdirectory named tmp under the root directory.