OpenWindows User's Guide

Snapping a Region

You can take snapshots of any rectangular area that you specify using the Snap Region setting. The following example shows how to take a snapshot of a region.

  1. Set up the region on your screen that you want to snap.

    For example, to take a snapshot of the menu for the Command Tool pane, open a Command Tool window. Make sure the Command Tool pane is not obscured by overlapping windows. Decide where in the Command Tool window you want to put the menu, then display the menu to determine what size region you need to define. This is also helpful if you need to show a submenu.

  2. Click SELECT on the Snap Type Region setting.

  3. If necessary, set the Snap Delay timer and turn on the Beep During Countdown setting.

    This is necessary if you want to change something about the region after you initiate the snapshot. For example, if you want to snap a pop-up menu, you need to set the timer in order to have time to display the menu or submenu.

  4. Click SELECT on the Snap button.

    The Snap button displays the standard busy pattern and a message is displayed in the footer. (You may not be able to see the entire message. The message informs you to use SELECT to position the rectangle, ADJUST to snap the image, and MENU to cancel the snapshot.)

  5. Move the pointer to one corner of the region and click SELECT to define that corner. Move the pointer and click SELECT again on the opposite corner to define a rectangular region.

    Alternatively, you can press SELECT to define the first corner, drag the pointer to the second corner, then release SELECT to define region.

    A bounding box is displayed. You can adjust the size of the bounding box by moving the pointer and clicking SELECT at a different place.

  6. When the region is defined, click ADJUST to take the snapshot or start the timer.

    If you are using the Snap Delay timer to take a snapshot of a pop-up menu, move the pointer into the defined region and press MENU to display the pop-up menu while the timer is beeping. Leave the menu up until the snapshot is complete. When the timer beeper stops, and the message is displayed, the snapshot is complete.

    For information on saving your snapshot, refer to Chapter 1, Introduction to the Solaris User Environment. For information on viewing your image with Image Tool, refer to Chapter 13, Image Tool.