OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

1.1 Logging In

A standard work session is defined as the interval between the time you log in to the system and the time you log out. The SunOS multiuser environment requires that you identify yourself each time you want to use the system. Your login name (also known as a user name or an account) serves as your identity to the system and to other users on the system. Your password restricts use of your account to those people who know the password. If you don't already have a login name and password, ask the person who is designated as the system administrator for your system to set up an account for you. Once you have this information, you are ready to log in.

Before you log in to the system, your screen should look similar to the following:


Enter the login name given to you by the system administrator and press the Return key. For example, if your login name is spanky, type:

login: spanky

and press Return. Next, the system requests your password as follows:

login: spanky

Type your password at the prompt and press Return. (If your account does not have a password assigned to it, the system logs you in without asking you for a password.) Note that the system does not display (echo) your password on the screen as you type it. This is to help prevent others from discovering your password.